Dear ECVCP Residents
The ECVCP will continue to allow residents to count relevant online seminars, courses and congresses towards their externship days, given the current and projected Covid-19 situation. However, when/ if the pandemic is over, residents will be encouraged to take part in as many real-life externships as possible.
For 2020, the ECVCP has already granted the following, in order to ensure that all residents complete 20 days of externship for this year:
  • ESVCP precongress tox clin path workshop = 10 days (please note, any further congress attendance is included in these 10 days)
  • Online Exotics Summer School = 10 days
We  further agree to count the following past/ existing online courses as follows:
  1. Any one/each  ACVP/ASVCP congress 2020 WORKSHOP =1 day
  2. ASVCP/ISACP/ACVP congress 30 Oct-1 Nov = 4.5 days
  3. "Bone Marrow: Frenemy of the Clinical Pathologist" @ Unisvet National Congress (26/2/2021) = 1 day
  4. VIN Mechanisms of Disease course (Oct 2020 / Jan 2021) = 5 days
Given this information, there should be no reason for any resident not to have sufficient externship days at the present time.
Any submission of externship days for the above MUST be accompanied by the Certificates of Attendance - please send these with the annual logs, otherwise the days will not be counted.
We also encourage residents to consider completing externships on site at their institutions (e.g. pathology, internal medicine) if possible, as these also contribute towards a better understanding of clinical pathology.
Once again, if you come across any other potential online courses, please get in touch with full details of the course and a motivation as to why it should be counted as an externship for a veterinary clinical pathology residency. This submission will then be evaluated by the Education and Credential Committees.
Emma Hooijberg
Credential Committee