2019 ESVCP Case Session - cases with diagnosis


Benoît Rannou           pdf Hepatic mass in a Labrador Retriever (383 KB)

Márialigeti Márton       pdf Serum protein changes in a dog (897 KB)

Judit Csöndes             pdf Pleural fluid accumulation in a kitten (556 KB)

Stranieri Angelica       pdf Another hint from the Sysmex XT-2000iV scattergram (847 KB)

Yvonne Wikander       pdf Splenomegaly and hepatomegaly in a dog (328 KB)

Typhaine Lavabre       pdf Pleural fluid from a heifer  (919 KB)

Dorothee Bienzle       pdf A bad case of anemia in a dog (2.20 MB)

Maciej Guzera           pdf Prescapular mass in a cat (2.33 MB)

Alba Sanz Martí         pdf Meningeal lesion in a dog (1.60 MB)

Priscila Serpa           pdf  Nodule on a dog’s leg (664 KB)

Deshuillers Pierre     pdf Cytology abdominal mass in a dog (1.20 MB)