Call for Cases

The 2019 ESVCP-ECVCP joint meeting with the European College of Veterinary Pathology (ECVP) will be in Arnhem Netherlands, Wednesday 25th to Saturday 28th September 2019.  The pre-congress day will be Wednesday 25th September. The conference will be held at the Royal Burger’s Zoo with organized bus transport from hotels in Arnhem to the Safari Meeting Center at the Zoo during the meeting. The case session is on Saturday morning September 28, 2017. Visit the ESVCP website for more information on the meeting.

Please select and organize an interesting case to present. It need not be the first report of that disease ever, but simply a case that has a useful lesson for all of us to learn. Because we are meeting with the ECVP some cases may be primarily anatomical pathology and not only clinical pathology. Case presentations will be oral and about 12 minutes in length with 3 minutes for questions.

Two Word (or RTF) files are needed: One describing the case as an unknown (mystery case) with enough information to make a diagnosis but without giving away the diagnosis; and the second with the description of the case with your interpretation, discussion, and references. Look at previous cases on the ESVCP website or previous ASVCP case presentation files to identify a good format. Send the files to Harold Tvedten (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). The deadline is June 15, 2019. I will have the goal of sending out acceptances to submitters by July 1. The cases will be placed on the ESVCP website, as unknowns prior to the meeting and then with diagnoses and discussion after the meeting. 

The case session is always a fun discussion and Royal Burger’s Zoo should be interesting to visit. It’s a great place for the first talk of a resident/PhD student at a major meeting but also a good chance for “more experienced” clinical pathologists to interact with colleagues. All interesting cases and speakers are welcome.