The Nomination Committee of the European College of Veterinary Clinical Pathology announces the final results of the Board Election 2013:

Number of voting diplomates: 44/81 (54%). The quorum is 25% of the members.

Position                        Candidate                      No. of votes  
Vice President  Zoe Poliziopoulou 29
  Kathleen Freeman  15
Secretary Elspeth Milne 43
Treasurer Myriam Defontis 43
1. Councillor Ernst Leidinger 36
  Alexandra Briend Marchal      9
  Kerstin Thoren-Tolling 5
  Silvia Rossi 5
2. Councillor Kostas Papasouliotis 20
  Mariaelena Gelain 12 


Kostas Papasouliotis (Committee Chair)
Ernst Leidinger
Myriam Defontis