Thanks to Harold Tvedten for the selection of the cases and for all the editorial work! 

 Primary Presenter  Case Titel Without diagnosis  With diagnosis 
1. Robin W. Allison   Mediastinal mass in a dog   pdf  File 1 pdf  File 2  
2. Fanny Granat Anemia in a cat  pdf  File 1 pdf   pdf File 2  updated
3. Erika Furman  Advia cytograms and abdominal fluid cytology from a dog  pdf  File 1   pdf  File 2  
4. Paola Cazzini   Abdominal mass in a young dog  pdf  File 1 pdf  File 2
5. Kate English Complex case in a Bernese Mountain Dog  pdf  File 1 pdf  File 2
6. Myriam Defontis Parasite in canine bone marrow  pdf  File 1   pdf  File 2  
7. Francesco Cian   Lymphocytosis in a horse  pdf  File 1   pdf  File 2
8. Barbara C. Rütgen   Extended diagnosis of cutaneous lymphoma icon File 1 icon File 2